Monday, 13 April 2015


S.E.Ingraham was raised a block from the Scarborough Bluffs, in Ontario, Canada. She originally dreamt of being a queen when she grew up, albeit a queen who was also a writer. When Ingraham realized chances of her becoming queen were slight, she realized there were quite a number of other things she wanted to do and she started a list.

Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario, Canada (childhood and teens)
Edmonton, Alberta,Canada (adulthood and now)

She had a bucket list before bucket lists were fashionable; she's carried it around since before she was a teenager:

pretend to be crazy, become a sharp-shooter, become a model, drive a big rig for a living, work closely with kids, live in Paris, stay in a castle, meet James Bond, spend a night in Penn station, try to get arrested in a foreign country, work with  animals that need saving, ride an elephant, become an expert horse-woman, become published, live all over Canada, ride in a hot-air balloon, touch a killer whale, learn to fly-fish, stay on one of the Salt Spring Islands, work with one of the Canadian premiers , meet a star like Tom Jones, live in Provence...

Occasionally things get crossed off the list
and sometimes, rarely, but sometimes -
something gets added. She's pretty discrete about
what's been crossed off - would you be surprised
to learn it's over 90% of the list?

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