Sunday, 6 September 2015


She fell into the day, a pond filled with yesterday's
friends and loose teeth
Struggled to her feet stamping through old money
and a ripped skirt that didn't fit ever
Shrugged on her jeans wondering about her DNA
and her other genes and that bridge
And if the signals in that part of her brain's tower were
firing on all circuits or if that poor organ
Had gone on strike for good and all, or if she was
thinking of some other cells.


  1. The intensity and ambiguity of those signals sit both heavily and beautifully observed..some signals are hard to work - many more are hard to convey

  2. Thanks Jae Rose - it's been awhile since I attempted a wordle and I just let this one fall onto the page and stay the way it fell pretty much ...

  3. love "yesterday's friends and loose teeth" ...Let's see what I can do now.

  4. "a ripped skirt that didn't fit" is a very strong image. Nicely done, SE.

  5. Thank you both, Pearl and Marilyn - I had forgotten how much I enjoy fiddling around with a set of words and seeing what comes up. It's a kick in the creative juices, I find.


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