Monday, 29 February 2016


Under threat of dreams destroyed
or another run of terrible times
I am going back through my memories,
skipping over the ones that are hard
to think about now
Letting them dissolve in mists of scarlet
Trying instead to touch those that mean
the most, the ones that jump forward,
chiming clear as a church bell
on a Sunday morning
It's not enough to try and remember
the kiss of a child crossed with the tears
of yesteryear
Group it all together and maybe, just maybe
I'll have more left than expected.


  1. Group it all together and maybe, just maybe
    I'll have more left than expected.

    Great ending SE. Always like an ending of hope and expectations. It will make it very much alive.


  2. Such a wonderful philosophy - takes a lot of work to be able to almost train your mind to think in this i would imagine - but i love the concluding lines. You made me stop and think..and thank..this sings like the clearest bell..

  3. Thanks for your visit. So glad I came here and read. Love the soft but clear voice in this piece and especially the resolution at its ending. So many fleeting moments through the years, but if we choose to "frame" them, they can and do so much more...


  4. First you have to untangle your thoughts. What a hopeful ending!

  5. Nice piece.
    Soft, yet realistic in that we sift through and leave behind what hurts, picking up the pieces of what is hope, and hoping it's more than what we thought we had.
    I like the tone, the darkness, and yet the ray of hope in the midst of it.



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