Sunday, 3 April 2016


Speak to me of rare days filled with grace
and phrases rich. Endless words for poems
you'll weave with threads sensual,
but rooted in the real, in all there is to witness.
Write no empty lines, none that you will not
wish to lay claim to - even if only briefly.
In the end, remember the sensuous and erotic
do not necessarily feed the same hunger.
Speak to me of all of these,  rare days, and grace.


  1. Oh yes! This brings me comfort and hope. Echoes of the beginning at the end wraps this piece into a nice loop. I love your insight into the sensuous and erotic. I'm so pleased that you are whirling. :)

  2. This is beautiful.....the many 'phrases rich' within it are so soothing to the soul.

  3. 'Write no empty lines' - shone out from this wonderful is so easy to think every word counts and yet very few perhaps do - these certainly did


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